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The house is the temple of the family 

Finding the right area to live in requires time and talent because a house or an apartment is a nest and a refuge, as well a shelter. It is an important human and financial investment.

As a broker, it is important for me to understand who my clients are, what they are looking for and what their budget is. By combining hard work and creativity, it is realistic to make a small budget go far. This is where a good and committed broker makes all the difference in the world.



Clearly define your budget

This is the first step if you are to purchase a house or an apartment. In addition to the purchase price, don’t forget to include expenditures related to taxes, moving expenses, notarial fees and renovations.


Don’t hesitate to put
things in writing

Make a list of the items that are really important to you and a corresponding list of the items you are willing to drop. Keep this list at hand when visiting a property and check it regularly.


Choose your favorite

Don’t minimize the attraction you might have for a certain neighbourhood. It could be a good indicator of the pleasure you will have as a resident.


Pick your broker

It is vital to choose a person who understands your needs and is skilled at finding a property that corresponds your expectations.


Separate dreams
from reality

Dreams are part of human nature. However, it is important to reconcile expectations to the limits of your budget and to market conditions.


Be patient

Purchasing a property might take longer that you had anticipated. Do not underestimate the effort required. Take the time to visit and to discuss your concerns with your broker.

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