Selling ?

Best advice to sell your home

There are countless reasons why people decide to move. Irrespective of these reasons, there are critical steps that you must understand before beginning the process.



You need to be emotionally
detached from your house

You must see your home as a transitional phase of life and consider its sale as a simple business transaction.


First impressions are
the most important

Do not neglect the outside appearance of your home. This is the first thing a buyer will see. Your garden or your lawn must be impeccable (no trash or useless items lying around).


Repair what needs
to be repaired

Sort out any issues, as minor as they might be: squeaky doors, leaky taps, yellowed wallpaper, broken tiles – these are irritants that turn a buyer off. Try to refresh the house with more neutral colours that give the place a fresher look.


Clean and get rid
of the clutter

A home that is clean and smells good is more inviting. Wash the windows, clean the curtains and dust the house. Often, a buyer will only have 20 minutes to visit your home. First impressions are always the most important!


Keep your pets
out of sight

While most people like pets, there are some who do not. Animal hair is a strong allergen for some people. Your furniture should be fresh with no trace of animals. Animal paraphernalia must be put away (bones, blankets, towels, toys, etc.).


Be realistic in your
pricing expectations

The market fluctuates constantly. Do not let a good offer slip by simply because you believe it is worth much more. Be patient and ready to make some compromises in order to make the sale. Don’t dismiss the first offer. It is often the best one.

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